The Floral Emblem for 366 Days


the symbol for the day to which the flower personal crest made the “crest” 366 kinds of flowers which bloom in all seasons.
If a day called today is enjoyed with someone who is in a side or it becomes a communication tool which leaves a mutual impression to memory was thought, and it planned and developed.
I think that he would like to extend to what deepens communication so that this application may be made into a platform and a gift and a greeting card may be presented and dressed on a memorial day.

The charged version function : a birthday list / advertisement — undisplayed
If the tap of the “birthday list” is carried out, people’s name registered into the your “point of contact” will be displayed.
The birthday registered is displayed on monthly.
If the tap of those by whom the birthday is not registered is carried out, the person’s information can be edited.
The number of those who will invite a birthday to the icon of a home screen soon from two days before a birthday is displayed.